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WiR: Another Great Day at Sea


We are Crazy-Excited to be talking about our latest book: Another Great Day At Sea by category-defining writer Geoff Dyer, the first book in our brand spanking new set of books, Writers in Residence, exploring seemingly closed institutions and opening them up through the eyes of some of the greatest writers and photographers on the planet.


Another Great Day at Sea chronicles Geoff Dyer’s experiences, with humour, ticks (Geoff is the second tallest person on the ship), and everyday tender human stories, on the largest aircraft carrier in the world, the USS George H.W. Bush, complete with sometimes surprising, full-colour photography by award-winning Magnum photographer Chris Steele-Perkins.


The idea for the Writers in Residence set was originated by Alain de Botton, who came to us about a year ago with the idea of bringing the series to life in a way that truly celebrated the marriage between the long form journalism writings of literary giants with photo journalism as captured by great Magnum photographers.


We’ve been working like crazy cows ever since, together with magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie, on finding a new space for long form content and space-requiring photographs, in a way that heroes each book as well as the set as a whole. What we’ve ended up with (and are really excited by) is a third space, something that lives between book and magazine, making sure each title is to be read, to be looked at, to be kept and to be collected.

Another Great Day At Sea, the launch title, published 27th May, with first peek pics here.

We’ll make sure we get an early bird offer in before then, maybe even a subscription deal as, hot on the heels of Geoff Dyer, we’ll have Liaquat Ahamed and Eli Reed’s Money and Tough Love: On Tour With The IMF in July. And then Douglas Coupland and Olivia Arthur’s Kitten Clone: Inside Alcatel in September. Oh yes.

Each book in the set is being printed by the mighty Taylor Brothers in Bristol, our first and belated chance to work with and champion a UK based printer.

So there, go look inside. We hope you’ll love what you find.

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PS Photographs by the as ever talented Andrew Corrigan with Chris Mosey.