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Cyclone Sydney


We really do mean it when we say the team (headed up by the very wonderful Tom Uglow) are passionate, committed, super smart and amazingly humble and we’re all feeling very excited (and a little nervous too) about this great new Editions at Play space we’re building together.


Matt Pyke and his Universal Everything shared their idea for Editions at Play’s identity, which we all loved. And between meeting Basil the receptionist parrot, talking brain hurting technological possibilities and constraints and sharing early concept (we’re calling these 0.5 prototypes) ideas with authors, it all felt slightly out of body and ambitious and really very very fun.


We posted this blog before we left, and reading back on it now we can see just how much the idea and scope has already moved on. We’ll fill you in on what we mean exactly before long (first we have more to figure out). Go on, have a read, in case you missed it the first time round or even another read if you still have no idea what we’re on about.


We thought we would share with you a few glimmers of our week there — including Britt’s Bear Grylls’ capturing a cockroach highlight — while we keep developing Editions at Play ideas over here and get ready to share those with you as soon as we possibly can.

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