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Don Quixote: Here We Go!


We’ve been a little quiet on the surface lately. But super busy underneath it all. We kicked off February with fantastic news from Arts Council that they are supporting us in the making of our re-imagined Don Quixote.


This means that the Arts Council grant in combination with the amazingly generous support from our Kickstarters (making it possible to send photographer Jacob Robinson to follow in Don Quixote’s footsteps in La Mancha) helps to get the book’s full making under way now. We’ve hit the year running and set the publication date of September 22 2015.


The aim for our re-imagined Don Quixote has always been to create a different experience of the book and to use photography and design as a new entry point into this beast of a classic. And yesterday was our first picture selection day, getting together all of Jacob’s photographs, getting them printed cheaply on nasty glossy photo paper and plastering them onto our walls. Here for the first time, we could see the selection as a whole set, off screen and in print and began the gruelling editing and selection process. Working with themes that appear in the book and grouping them thematically. Making sure there are plenty of “landscape shots” and “night time scenes” and no doubt plenty of “castles” and “windmills” too.

Fraser Muggeridge, who is designing the book, joined us a little later on in the day, and together we went from 175 pictures to 60 that we love on their own, that work as a collection and that are true to the spirit of Don Quixote, faithful to our ambition of capturing the epic landscape, the fantasy laden layers of the prose and the classic La Mancha journey throughout contemporary Spain.

It looks and feels incredibly exciting. We can’t wait to show and share more with you over the next few months. We hope you like it too.

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