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Editions At Play. Oh yes. We're live.


We are triple launching today: our new adventure Editions At Play, a digital bookstore for books that cannot be printed, made in attached-by-the-hip partnership with the brilliant team of Googlers at Google Creative Lab in Sydney is live as of today.

And we’re opening the store with two new titles by fantastic writers: a book that travels the world called Entrances & Exits by Reif Larsen set inside Google Street View; and a book that takes sides called The Truth About Cats & Dogs by the rivaling Joe Dunthorne and Sam Riviere.

Editions At Play is a website aimed at book lovers, tech geeks and design peeps. We sell unprintable books that you can read on your phone. It’s a response to the world of digital books, e-books, enhanced e-books, and online PDFs. Because quite frankly we believe readers deserve more. So why not make digital books that are more bookish. And more delightful. And even magical.


All books are hosted on individual websites (which means they’re made using HTML, pretty cool, right?) and you can get access to them when you buy them on Google Play Books. There is also a big pile of napkin sketch ideas for digital books, which we’re hoping to grow and grow and grow.

Go go go. And have a play. And tell us if something isn’t working. And also what you think. We’ve all worked really hard on it for the last 12 months and we hope you love it. And don’t be shy to send us your ideas. And. Oh just go already ;-)

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