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Tree of Codes "Hurt Shroud": Going Going Gone


We got a call last week from our American distributors. And they told us they have been storing copies of Tree of Codes in what they call a “hurt shroud”. A place we can only describe as a place where books go when they are slightly damaged before they are pulped. And we asked for these hurt copies to be sent (SAVED!) to our London office before their imminent warehouse death in Jackson, Tennessee.


We’ve meticulously been through each and every copy this week. Some, not all, were still in fantastic condition. And not hurt or ready for pulping at all. Others were well and truly halfway to the other side.


So we emailed those of you who have been waiting patiently for your pre-ordered copy since January (January!). And we emailed all you waiting list-ers who wanted to be told as soon as we got more copies back in stock and offered all of you a chance to get your hands on a rescued copy on a first come first served basis.


And over night, our inboxes exploded, with every single Hurt Shroud Rescued Copy in their various stages of health from first editions, to perfect, to a little bit worse for wear (the beyond repair and production misfits will get their own show one day) and all but 5 have gone. In less than 24 hours. Unbelievable.

The thing is, we spend a lot of time talking about the power of the book as a physical object and the possibilities of exploring new platforms. And seeing the continued love and support for this wonder of a book full of holes, amongst you existing fans who just keep on and keep on, and you new fans or even through new art platforms like the recently announced Contemporary Ballet adaptation by choreographer Wayne McGregor, with visual concept by Olafur Eliasson and music by Jamie XX in next’s year’s Manchester International Festival. That is what this is all about. Mind blowing writing with surprising, disruptive form. Appreciated by you.

So keep the love flowing. It makes everything possible. We’ll be looking for some serious funding to get a new batch of Tree of Codes back into production in time for Manchester International Festival July 2015. Because, quite frankly, we would be crazy not to.

Meanwhile, we have only FIVE first editions available. We’re offering them as a gift set: one limited edition book, with one medium sized poster signed by Jonathan Safran Foer. Get it while you can. It’s only £100 a whole lot cheaper than first editions on sale through Amazon.

And thank you.

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